Germany ­- California

Learning and Collaboration Tour 2014

What was the Learning & Collaboration Tour?

In March 2014, the Renewables 100 Policy Institute, in collaboration with several foundations, research institutions, government offices, and others, organized a tour to Germany by top level California grid operators and energy regulators to meet with their German counterparts and discuss common challenges and solutions.


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Why this kind of Tour?

Germany and the State of California are both widely recognized and globally respected leaders in the fields of environmental protection and energy. They are both frontrunners, Germany in the European Union and California in the United States, and they both enjoy overwhelming support from their citizens to pursue ambitious paths to greater integration of renewables and aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Both also recognize that power grids and the role of transmission infrastructure are critical to a reliable, flexible and predominantly renewable resource based electricity system. Therefore, it was clear that a high level delegation exchange focused on these areas would benefit both California and Germany.  

The primary objectives of the Tour were to:

– Gain insight into the Energiewende (German energy transition) and related policies
– Learn how German grid operators are adapting to growing quantities of intermittent resources
(such as wind and solar) on the grid. ­
– Since Germany also has ambitious GHG reduction policies, discover German frameworks for encouraging deployment of new clean energy technologies and market mechanisms that support the deployment of renewables in the energy, heating and transportation sectors.  

Germany ­- California Learning and Collaboration Tour 2014
Hildegard Mueller, Chairwoman of BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industry), Fraunhofer ISE President Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber

How to Learn More

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute has put together a report consisting of a detailed summary of the Tour, along with top takeaways, recommendations, and next steps that emerged during the packed and inspiring five-day trip. Also available is a photo gallery and a series of video highlights from the Tour.
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