The Renewables 100 Policy Institute was founded in 2007, when the very idea of 100% renewable energy was on the bleeding edge.

Although many thought us radical, we believed sticking with the status quo was actually radical, given that non renewable energy resources by definition will only deplete and in the meantime were leading to multiple global crises.

Responding to what we deemed an urgent need, our team committed to building the collective will to accelerate the massive and necessary transition to energy systems across sectors based on 100% renewable resources in ways that were most ecological, economical, and just.

Through a combination of top down education and convening of leaders in regions, cities, and institutions around the world who were most ready to be early adopters, and bottom up outreach to grassroots groups and communities, we helped catalyze a movement and elevate the debate about 100% renewable energy from bleeding edge to cutting edge.

We continue to apply our expertise to accelerate the transition, focusing on strategies that ensure all renewable energy systems are created that reliably serve and maximize benefits to all people.