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Energy Regions In Transition

The Renewables 100 Policy Institute has long been a go-to resource for high level knowledge transfer and cooperation building on transitioning to 100% renewable energy between frontrunner regions on both sides of the Atlantic. We have been at the forefront of groundbreaking cooperation between grid operators, energy policy leaders, regulators, researchers and non-profit clean energy advocates to learn from one another, exchange experiences and build strength in numbers. 

EU-CA-Tour 2015- ExecutiveSummary

Energy Regions in Transition – Europe-California Tour 2015

European Grid Operators, Policymakers and Civil Sector Leaders Tour California to Develop Collaboration & Best Practices

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Germany – California Learning and Collaboration Tour 2014

A tour to Germany by top level California grid operators and energy regulators to meet with their German counterparts and discuss common challenges and solutions.

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