Go 100 Percent

Our Go 100% Renewable Energy (“Go 100%) virtual campaign and research project was launched to educate the global community about cities, regions, and institutions around the world who had committed to 100% renewable energy targets, track their progress, and build an international coalition of the willing. 

Its big idea was to showcase that contrary to prevailing skepticism, 100% renewable energy was not a fantasy for someday, but a reality today.

At the project’s inception in 2010, there were a few committed communities and regions around the world who were leading the adoption of 100% renewable energy in one or more energy sectors, and their efforts were largely unknown outside their own boundaries.

Renewables 100 Policy Institute built an interactive website with a unique mapping tool and database to facilitate connections and knowledge exchange between these early adopters and those wanting to learn from them, with goal of accelerating progress and distilling best practices. By the time the project ended in 2018, the project had mapped nearly 1000 governments and institutions representing nearly 200 billion people with official commitments to transition to 100% renewable resources in one or more energy sectors.

Go 100% from the start was visited daily by thousands of people on every continent and became the go-to resource on 100% renewable energy targets and progress for community leaders, researchers, media, and non profits around the world.

Within a few years, the project had catalyzed the first worldwide 100% renewable energy movement, with sister campaigns launching across the globe and a formal partnership with the United Nations Environment Program, who recognized the project as a key resource.

Go 100% was also recognized in numerous publications, such as Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, and Renewable Energy World, and cited by countless research institutions, nonprofits, and government offices.

The project came to a close when its mission had succeeded. 100% renewable energy and zero carbon commitments was becoming mainstream, and the debate around “if” 100% renewable energy was necessary to achieve by the middle of this century was over in many front running countries.

The next big questions remain, however, of how to get there 24/7/365 in all conditions, who will lead and profit, and how to ensure the transition is just and ecologically sustainable.

Comments From Around The Globe

“Allow me to congratulate you on such a noble initiative. I am rather late in learning about you but better late than never applies here indeed.”

J. Loras
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Thank you for the excellent work that you do! I would very much hope that Singapore will one day soon go 100% renewable, which seems to be a challenge due to limited land space. I will pore over the case study resources you have provided to look for ideas, thanks very much!”

D. Ng

Great website, please add me to your newsletter. I work in public policy in Costa Rica”

S. Coppola
San Jose, Costa Rica

“I am very interested in environmental projects. Ready to support your project!”

G. Kisel
St. Petersburg, Russia

“Please advice how to cooperate with you in Mexico. I would like some towns of Mexico to become 100% renewable.”

J. DelaVega

“Thank you very much for your motivating and interesting website”

Ehsan S.