A Response to an Urgent Need

Our dependence on conventional, extracted energy sources is causing multiple global crises.

Key to resolving these problems is changing how we get and use energy. Transitioning from finite and polluting energy sources to efficiently implemented, clean,  renewable energy sources and complementary clean technologies is needed to carry civilization into a more secure future.

Not a question of “if” but “when,” “how,” and “who will lead and profit”

Without energy, nothing works. Non-renewable energy sources will, by definition, diminish. According to industry data, these fuels are likely to be depleted in the lifetime of a child born today. As conventional energy resources wane, their economics tend to become increasingly volatile, and the crises they catalyze become ever more dangerous.

It is, therefore, not a question of if 100% renewable energy will become a reality; it is a question of when, how, and who will lead and profit. These are critical questions the Renewables 100 Policy Institute is helping to address and determine best practices. To read more about our initiatives, please click here.