Institute’s Founder was honored to participate inVI COGEN Forum, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Renewables 100 Policy Institute’s Founder and Board Chair Angelina Galiteva was honored to participate in the VI COGEN Forum, which took place on September 15, 2022 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Hosted by the Association of the Cogeneration Energy Industry (Cogen Associação da Indústria de Cogeração de Energia), this event focused on the theme of congeneration and distributed energy. In her keynote address, Ms. Galiteva shared an overview of the energy transition on California and the US with a focus on the role of distributed generation and flexible resources to manage an increasingly decarbonized power grid.  Valuable real time examples of the recent heat wave in the West clarified and underscored the urgent need to work across sectors and industries (transportation, buildings , fuels) to provide grid services during peak demand.

VI COGEN Forum, Brazil