The future is renewable and we are transitioning toward it

US Embassy & Consulates in South Africa focuses on our Founding Board Chair Angelina Galiteva’s perspective and predictions for transitioning to renewable energy across sectors around the world by 2050.

Angelina Galiteva
Angelina Galiteva @ Pathways 2018

By 2050, the world will get most of its electricity from renewable sources, like the sun and wind, and no longer rely on polluting fossil energy that contributes to climate change.

That bold prediction comes from Angelina Galiteva, who knows a lot about energy. She has played a central role in California’s efforts to accelerate renewable energy use. In her second term on the California Independent System Operator’s board — appointed by Governor Jerry Brown — she helps oversee statewide access to the electricity grid. Galiteva is founder and president of NEOptions Inc., a renewable energy technology design and development firm, and she founded the nonprofit Renewables 100 Policy Institute. She also chairs the World Council for Renewable Energy. Earlier in her career she worked for the New York Power Authority on renewable energy and air quality issues.

So she has seen renewables develop from niche technologies to being vital to the regular electricity supply in many parts of the world. “We are beyond the tipping point, and growth in the renewables sector will continue at a rapid pace,” she says.

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