2nd ReEnergy Africa Summit 21

We are proud to support the 2nd Annual ReEnergy Africa Summit 2021
Location November 24th and 25th, 2021 | 2pm – 5pm West Africa Time | Virtual/Hybrid

Re Energy Africa 2021

2nd Annual ReEnergy Africa Summit 2021

“Access to reliable electricity is an indispensable investment for our future – the future of our children and that of our continent. We cannot and should not fail them.” – ReEnergy Africa

Africa faces a unique set of challenges as it looks to embrace increased energy access. Globally digitalisation is making inroads in almost every sector, and the energy sector is not left behind in this disruption. ‘Smart and Automated’ have practically become additions to the energy sector vocabulary. Digitalisation provides a grip into the integration of variable renewable sources to match energy demands, and potentially reduce decarbonisation within the sector.

Opportunities to transform energy access in Africa are constantly arising, through renewable energy, digitalisation provides a potential to make electricity infrastructure affordable, accessible, and available. However as with every opportunity, cost and challenges must be mitigated, as key to the digitalisation of Africa’s energy access is deployment of innovation technologies, creating new financial models while benefiting society and the planets.