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Fernando de Noronha: 100% Renewable Energy Island

Capacity Building Conference

Conference Recife Program

The collaboration kicked off in April 2017 with a three-day capacity building conference titled Renewable Energy and Interconnected Innovations: New Markets for the 21st Century. During this event, Brazilian and several US energy experts shared their insights with more than 200 key in-country stakeholders from across the electricity, transportation, fuels, and water sectors on how to transform energy systems to 100% renewable energy. Capping off the event was an intensive workshop for a select group of 50 participants focused on the key issue areas of technology, financing, and regulatory frameworks that must be addressed to effectively transition the current fossil based energy system on Fernando de Noronha to one built on sustainable, renewable resources.

Conference Recife, Galitva, Hochschild
Angelina Galiteva, Renewables 100; David Hochschild, Commissioner, California Energy Commission
Conference Audience
Conference Recife