Pathways 2013

1st International Conference  

San Francisco, CA  |  April 16, 2013

Video – Highlights from 2013 Pathways to 100% Renewable Energy Conference

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Participant Impressions

Youth Gets Inspired!

Keynote Addresses

Opening Keynote

Dr. Eric Martinot, Senior Research Director at the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies – Overview of 2013 REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report

Keynote Speaker

Stephen Berberich, President and CEO, California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO)

Luncheon Keynote

Frances Moore Lappé, Alternative Nobel Prize Winner, Author, Founder of the Small Planet Institute

Luncheon Keynote

Edwin M. Lee, Mayor of San Francisco

Conference Panels

Panel 1 – Financing and Policy Drivers Of Cost-Effective Renewable Energy Advancement

Marco Krapels

Executive Vice President, Rabobank N.A. and Co-founder, Empowered by Light

Angelina Galiteva

Founder & Board Chair, Renewables 100 Policy Institute 

Panel 2 – Overcoming Technical Barriers to 100% Renewable Energy in the Power Sector

David Renne

President of the International Solar Energy Society

Mark Jacobson

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director, Atmosphere/Energy Program, Stanford University

Panel 4 – Zero Net Energy Buildings: Samples and Best Practices from Around the World

Robert Fortunato

President of ForStrategy Consulting, Inc. and Owner/Builder of the Green
Idea HouseEnergy Society

Tom Thompson

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Policy Director, New York Solar Energy Society (NYSES)

Panel 5 – Communities and Regions Leading the Way to 100% Renewable Energy

Robert Bob Dixson

Mayor of Greensburg, KS (100% renewable power achieved)

R. Rex Parris

Mayor of Lancaster, California